How to connect your PC to a TV with an HDMI cable?

Enjoying your preferred movies and TV shows with a high-speed internet Internet connection on your pc, which you can then purchase for a small fee and sometimes for free, is easy. The huge screen telecast can be viewed in your lounge room if you prefer.

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Connecting PC Using HDMI Cable:

How to connect your PC to a TV with an HDMI cable

Using an HDMI cable, we’ll show you how to link up your pc to a TV. Often these computer systems and TVs have HDMI ports, so you only need to buy a cable with such a coupler that fits all these ports.

It’s easy to link your computer to your TV if it has an HDMI port. Video card output (15-pin VGA or 29-pin DVI) would be attached to the cable. When you’re lucky, you’ll find a second DVI and VGA port straight next to it. On relatively new displays, an HDMI port is also available.

It’s important to choose an “input source” on your TV screen when you’ve connected HDMI to your TV and computer, i.e. where that gets its info from. Finding a source or input button on the remote is essential.

It’s also possible that you’ll need to adjust your computer’s resolution such that the image fits the size of your television. Using the ‘Start menu, select the ‘Control Panel’ option to connect your computer and set up the new screen. “View” can be opened by double-clicking it. Then choose “Settings.”

This information can be found in your HDMI TV’s user manual. Click “Advanced” to cast the refresh rate.

As a second screen, an HDMI TV must be configured as per the video card’s guidelines if it’s being used by Windows. ‘Clone’ or ‘Mirror’ medium is usually available on most cards.

The ‘extended desktop’ configuration, on the other hand, enables each monitor to operate independently. Without an HDMI connection, the process will become more difficult. But do not worry; we will still succeed.

A new video card might well be required if your pc has just one video output that is used for other purposes. Then, as per the guidelines, install it in a slot that has a DVI or HDMI output port.

As a result, specific equipment is necessary to convert this same VGA configuration to HDMI.

As a result, a video card is more expensive than a converter. If this is the case, upgrading the card to include a DVI or HDMI port could be a smart option. An inexpensive DVI-to-HDMI cord can convert your computer signal towards the appropriate input on one TV if the output ports individuals use are DVI.

An HDMI cable out from the TV should be connected to a USB port on a computer. Installation of a pc adapter if required Otherwise, the HDMI cable or adapter must be attached to the sound card output if your pc does not have an HDMI output wire. That’s because HDMI conveys both videos as well as audio at the same time.

Your computer must be restarted before the adjustments will take effect! Now that you’re done, you’re ready to experience your movies and TV shows in the highest possible quality on your television.

Don’t Have An HDMI Port?

Full-size (also classified as Type), Mini, and Micro HDMI links are available. If your computer or television has an HDMI port, it is highly probable to be a full-size link. Even so, not all computers come with HDMI.

Newer versions may have now a USB-C port, wherein case you can link up it to the TV with a USB-C to HDMI cable.

For those who already own a basic HDMI cable, you could also consider buying adaptors to transform your laptop’s USB-C, DVI as well as DisplayPort links to HDMI.

A USB-C hub can be useful if you want to switch to USB-C and it only has one USB-C port on your laptop, which has now been used or needed for charging. This model sometimes tends to add an HDMI port.

Instead of using one of these advanced connections, you’ll have to use a VGA port on your pc so you can send video to the TV via HDMI. A 3.5mm audio connector is required because VGA cannot transmit audio.

No HDMI Port In TV?

Choose an HDMI switch to transform one port into several when all HDMI ports are for now being used. 

You can connect this same HDMI OUT port to that same TV, just use an HDMI cord, and then utilize the HDMI IN ports to connect multiple HDMI-connected pieces of equipment towards the three HDMI IN ports of the TV. There is a switch on top that allows you to switch among both of them.

Having Sound Issues After Connection?

It is possible that the TV will not play audio out of a computer linked via HDMI due to a variety of issues. Make absolutely sure the HDMI cable is effectively installed, and possibly try to use a different HDMI cord or connector, before assuming that the linkage itself is the problem.

As well, you’ll want to make sure that your computer’s configuration is set correctly. You can do this by right-clicking on your computer’s taskbar’s volume icon and selecting Sounds. Playback should be set to Digital Output or HDMI as just a default.

Make absolutely sure all detached and disabled devices are viewable by clicking the right mouse button in that dialogue box. If it’s still missing, try updating your sound card’s drivers to fix the issue. Go directly to the manufacturer’s website to do this.


The ability to ‘cast’ content from one device to another is available in many gadgets. Some people use the word “screen mirroring,” but the 2 are obviously very different, including one streaming content inside an app while the other trying to replicate your laptop’s display.

Stick to the basics since there are so many innovations and terms out there, such as wireless screen, wi-fi direct and miracast – most of which might not have been backed by your devices, or maybe backed by only one or both of them.

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