How to connect 2 or more computers to 1 monitor?

With the years of evolution, technology has advanced at the most rapid pace. We have the complete world within our fingertips because of technology. The various inventions and technological developments have made our lives more effortless than ever. But, there is no end or halt in the process of advancement of technology.

It started with the invention of the massive computers, which was a landmark in the history of science and technology. Then, the massive computers have a transformation into a smaller and more portable size. And now, with all the advanced researches and inventions we can use two or even more computers on a single monitor. And, to do so, the steps or aspects are straightforward. The following points help you to know How to connect 2 or more computers to 1 monitor.

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Ways To Connect Two Or More Computers Into One Monitor:

How to connect 2 or more computers to 1 monitor?

The following are a few different ways to have two or more computers connected to a single monitor.

  • Use of KVM software

KVM software is one of the most advanced and the newest technological medium, through which you can connect more than one computer and use only one keyboard or mouse for controlling all of them together. There is numerous efficient KVM software available for use. You may very well not find them as effective as the KVM hardware devices, but they can serve your need of accessing several computers through one monitor quite easily. You will find some of the software that has paid versions, while some may provide you with a free trial version for a limited period. And, you may also find many such KVM software that is available free of any cost. It was one of your first ways and the newest one in the market that will help you connect two or more computers to a single monitor.

  • KVM hardware

The KVM hardware performs the function of connecting more than one computer through a single e monitor, which is similar to the power of the KVM software. The only additional feature here is that the KVM hardware is much more efficient and better working than the KVM softwares. They quickly switch between or among the various connected computers and helps you control all of them through a single keyboard or mouse at a quick pace. Through the KVM hardware, you save both space and money. You no longer need to keep several keyboards or mice for each computer as you can control all your computer with just one system of keyboards or mouse. Similarly, you do not have to spend too much money on more than one set of keywords or mouse, because with just one set of keyboard and mouse you can control all your computers.

  • Use of the ports present on the monitor

There are numerous ports present on your monitors. They are your gateway for connecting more than two computers to a single monitor. It is a quick and easy job to do. The variety of ports on your monitor includes one or more HDMI ports, VGA ports, and Display ports. The HDMI port and cables will help you integrate two or more computers into one monitor as and when necessary. However, the number of HDMI ports that your motor will have depends on the model type and the age of your monitor. The latest, the better. The internal menu of your monitor will provide you with the option to switch between the computers and control them.

  • Use of RDP

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. RDP is the easiest method that enables you to connect more than two computers and control them simultaneously with just a single set of keyboard and mouse. Moreover, Google has its software for Remote desktop protocol, which is free. You have to perform only a few steps to achieve this facility of controlling several computers through a single set of controlling hardware. First, you require running the software on your monitor and then prepare to set up a secured server that is also private. You can do so quite easily with the help of the software of Chrome Remote Desktop.

Why Should You Consider Connecting Multiple Computers?

Having read the methods of connecting multiple computers and controlling them via one monitor, you might want to know the advantages of doing so. So, here are the points that explain why you should consider connecting two or more computers into a single monitor.

  • Save space and save money

Imagine the amount of pace you will save by omitting the extra sets of keyboard and mouse when you have just one set of keyboard and mouse controlling all your monitors effectively. When you do not need more than one set of keyboards or mouse, why buy them? Therefore, with a single set of control devices, you save the cost of purchasing the additional seats for the other sets of computers. That is a lot of money and a lot of space for you to save.

  • Enjoy optimum flexibility

Using multiple computers is necessary for many professions now. But, this becomes difficult because for using multiple computers, you need to move to them separately. But, what if you can switch among the computers. You can do so when you connect your computers and control all of them altogether through a single monitor. Consequently, the flexibility is enhanced to the utmost level, and your ease of working is also amplified impeccably.

  • Boon for the gamers

The present generation is filled with teens and young adults who aspire to be the greatest gamers or spend a great proportion of their daily time on gaming. It is pure bliss to have two or more computers, which they can access and control simultaneously by quick switching. Therefore, connecting two or more computers into a single monitor helps many gamers enhance their gaming skills, amplifying their gaming experience.

  • Share data more easily than ever

Many professions require sharing of data all the time. Also, they may need multiple programs running side-by-side for their work. And, that can be possible when you can connect two or more computers into a single monitor. When you have such access, you can switch among the computers. Also, you can transfer the required data whenever necessary without facing many difficulties. 


Computers are one of the most valuable appliances that technology has given us. But, with the growing needs and possibilities of doing better every day, we require several computers together. And, to make that happen, we require connecting the several computers into a single monitor. Our discussion has stated to you some of the ways through which you can do so. Look into your requirements and resources, and based on that, opt for the methods that will most effectively serve your purpose.

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