Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Printer

There are different types of printers available for different purposes. We need to know about our purposes before buying any printer, as there are different printers for different purposes. You’ll not buy all the printers at once. You need to buy things according to your needs. Printers are used for photocopies, printing, scanning, etc.

We have to put a few things together to get what we need. Let us get all our information in one place and then decide what to buy. In this article, we’ll consider the important things before buying a printer. Let’s do it!

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Things Which Are Needed To Be Considered:

Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Printer

  1. Budget: The primary thing which needs consideration is our budget. We have to make sure how much we can spend on a printer. There are printers available in different price ranges. Expensive printers have more features than the cheaper ones. However, cheaper printers can also give the same quality prints as the expensive ones. If you need a printer where you can do all the things that a printer does, you can go for the all-in-one printer.
  2. Running Cost: Another financial point you need to go through is the running cost, which means how much the printer is going to cost to run. If you are planning to buy a printer with high ink capacity and printing speeds, these two points are needed to be rethought when it comes to saving money. There will be requirements of paper, inks, and repairs; decide accordingly. If we buy anything, we should take care of it as well.
  3. Size: This matter might look simple, but if neglected, you might have consequences later. Whichever printer you are planning to buy, whether it’s a big one or a small one, make sure you have sufficient space for your machine to get settled. 
  4. Functionality: You should get something that will fulfill your needs. There are different types of printers available for different purposes. The different functionalities a printer can deliver are:
    • Printing photos
    • Printing card
    • Printing labels
    • Scanning
    • Copying
    • Double-sided printing
    • Printing on different paper sizes
    • High volume printing

If you are not sure which your exact requirements are, you can buy the all-in-one printer. This printer can do all the things mentioned above.

  1. Ink Capacity: In the long run, inks can be expensive. You have to consider this point as well. High ink capacity printers will save you from this problem. Its big capacity will contain more ink than any other normal printer, hence, saving a great deal of money.
  2. Printing Speeds: This is another factor you need to have a look at. How fast your printer can print is also important and varies in different places. For example, if you want to buy it for your office purpose, you need to have a fast printing speed printer because your other colleagues need the chance to print as well. Slow printing speed will hamper the patience level in a long queue. If it is for your purpose, then a slow printer won’t affect anything. You are good to go with anything!
  3. Warranties: The warranty period varies by manufacturing company. If you want a warranty for your printer, make sure to look into the matter keenly. For domestic users, a 1-year warranty is a lot. Commercial users might need more warranty periods. Canon usually gives a 1-year warranty, and Lexmark gives around 4-year warranty options on the printers. You can also extend your warranty period. Brother Company offers such options for their customers. You need to pay some extra amount of money to get this offer. Always look into the warranty period of the printer. It helps. 

What To Look For When Buying A New Printer?

Want to replace your printer because of some problems? Before buying it, please check your requirements and purposes. The main reason for this step is that it will impact the features and functionality you require and, therefore, the manufacturer and the model. Let’s see the four options available for us:

  1. Home Use: When it comes to home use, always go for a single ink system. This means that the printer contains separate ink cartridges for different colors. It helps you to refill the cartridges accordingly and one by one. The majority of Epson, Canon, and Brother provide you with this facility. It is always better to pay a little extra to get some more benefits. You’ll be surprised to know how handy a scanner or a photocopy is! All the brands have an all-in-one printer, which will make all your work easier. Do look carefully before getting one. 
  2. Photo Printing: If you are looking for a good quality photo printing machine, you should buy a printer, which will offer more than just a standard CYMK cartridge configuration. When it comes to photos, everyone will prefer a printer that would print a good photo of better quality. You need to keep in mind that these photos are being printed for a very long run. Good quality ink will always help you to preserve photos for decades. All the company can provide you with such printers, look into the details and features before buying.
  3. Small Business: Small business printer’s requirements are almost the same as home printers. Low cost and good performance is the top priority; hence, quality inkjet or laser printers are the ones you should look into. In the office, you’ll need a multipurpose printer, which will help you in every aspect. It is preferable to buy a single ink system because it will help you to refill the inks individually when it is required. HP offers excellent printers according to your needs. They manufacture printers mainly for small businesses. It also offers lower-cost printers with many facilities. 
  4. Large Business: A color laser printer is the best for large businesses. Whilst you might only want a chosen few to be able to print in color, there are ways and means to limit this; plus, we think a mono-only printer can be limiting. The manufacturers have fast printing, low cost per page, and reliability printers for this purpose. It is important to make everyone happy in a large business. Fast printing is very much required in this type of field. Always look and enquire about the manufacturers for better results in the future.