How much does it cost to print per page?

If you are in charge of ordering office printing supplies or managing and organizing a print budget, then you must have details about how much it costs to print a page of gra[hics or texts. The price of the cartridge and printer might be misleading when you choose to calculate the cost of printing a page. Sometimes cheaper cartridges and printing equipment can drain a lot of money compared to the expensive materials depending on the situation. Thus to calculate the printing cost accurately, the cost per page is an essential factor that you must keep in mind.

Printing expenditures sometimes become unmanageable if they are not noted carefully. The per-page printing cost will tell you about the average money required to print a page on a printer and thus will help you keep your printing cost in control. There is a formula that will help you to calculate the cost of printing a particular page.

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Cost of a single page = Price of cartridge/Yield of a page + Cost of paper

Cartridge Price:

The cartridge price is the amount required to purchase a cartridge. The replacement cartridges that are available for the printers are sometimes too expensive. It does not matter whether you are using toner or ink. Though, ink costs more than a toner. But the main expense of having a printer is the price of cartridge replacement.

The price of the cartridge differs depending on the model and brand of the printer. But the formula for calculating cartridge price is the same as the Cost of per page printing.

What Does Page Yield Mean?

Page yield is the number of pages that a printer can print before replacing the cartridge. Every replacement cartridge, be it a toner or a spot of ink, comes with a page yield rating. The rating is usually found on the backside of the ink or the toner pack. However, the page yield ratings are based on prints with a page coverage of 5%. If you are going to print image-heavy or text-heavy pages, the Average Cost of printing per page will be much higher than usual rates.

What Is The Cost Of A Printing Paper?

The standard cost of printing paper ranges between half to two cents per sheet. It depends on the paper quality and the total weight of the paper. Specialty paper or premium papers can cost more than ten cents per sheet or even higher. 

On the other hand, the pacers that are designed for the inkjet printers are such that they can hold the ink released from the cartridge until they dry up. The cheap quality papers cannot have the ink, which eventually runs off and blends with other coloured inks. 

The unique formula also calculates the cost of a printing paper piece on average.

Cost of 500 sheets/ Total number of sheets= Cost of one sheet.

If you can buy sheets in bulk, the total cost can be brought down. But never try to compromise on the quality of the paper because it will ruin your content entirely. 

Colour Printing Cost Calculation:

Colour printing a page also involves a Cost calculating formula.

( Black cartridge price/page yield)+(color cartridge price/page yield) x 3 + total cost of paper= cost of colour printing per page.

The Cost Difference Of Black And White Printing Vs. Colour Printing:

Generally, the cost of color printing is higher than the Cost of black and white printing. Moreover, the inexpensive printers work at a higher printing price. The primary factor that plays an essential role is that the costly printers can produce more pages at the exact page yield cost for both black and white and color printing compared to the inexpensive printers. It is only because the costly printers are more effective and consume less ink for printing the pages. So if you are looking to buy printers for office work, you must never compromise on the Cost of the printer. 

Is Home Print Cheaper Than Printing At The Stores?

How much does it cost to print per page?

If you are looking to print pages in bulk, you must prefer printing at the stores because they have commercial machines that can cut off the total expenditure of printing pages in bulk. But if you have around a hundred pages to print, then you can prefer having printers at your own house. 

Small job printing can be performed at the house, but large printing jobs require office printing. If big printing jobs become the new normal, it is better to spend tons of dollars on high-end printers for higher precision and Cost cut-off. Else the home printers are suitable enough for creating high-end designs on a small scale.

What Is The Average Number Of Pages That A Toner Cartridge Can Print?

The total page yield for the standard toner cartridges varies between 2500 to 4000 pages, and for the premium toner cartridges, it ranges somewhere between 10000 to 12000 pages. It would help if you always kept in mind that the total page yield depends only on 5% of the full-page coverage. If you wish to print image-heavy or text-heavy graphics on the printing pages, your total output per page might also decrease. On average, a standard toner cartridge can print 1000 pages in real-life conditions.

Final Verdict:

You must always stick to the best quality printing at a lower expense to the best printers and printer cartridges. They have a higher page yield as compared to the cheap quality printers. In this article, we have listed the calculation formula for the individual items like page yield, cartridge cost, page cost, and many more. If you are looking to buy a printer for bulk printing in your office, you must go for a quality brand because the total cost of printing all the pages becomes a crucial issue for cost calculation. Cheap printers can drain a lot of money from the company. So think wisely before going printer shopping.

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