Q1) Is the Nanoleaf Dimmable?

Ans.  The initial models of the Nanoleaf are not dimmable, however due to popular demand, we have started working on a prototype that is dimmable.


Q2)  What are the Dimensions of the Nanoleaf?

Ans.The Nanoleaf is slightly larger than a incandescent light bulb but smaller than equivalent CFL lights. Exact measurements are:

110mm Tall (including the base) x 77mm Wide (at the widest point)

4.3″ Tall x 3″ Wide


Q3) Is the Nanoleaf available with bayonet fitting?

Ans.At the moment, we can only offer the Nanoleaf with the Edison fitting. Due to the great numbers of backers/orders, our small team will focus our priority in the mass production and therefore do not wish to add anymore elements at the moment.

However, we plan to introduce the bayonet fitting as soon as we get the first deliveries on their way! Rest-assured!


Q4 ) Does the Nanoleaf work in 120AC and 200-240AC?

Ans.Yes, absolutely! The Nanoleaf was designed to operate under different country standards. We tried our best to introduce a new product that could be used in as many countries as possible. Please do note that there are two different models so be sure to select the right one for your country.


Q5)  Does the Nanoleaf ship internationally?

Ans.Yes! We ship everywhere! For orders over $100, we offer free international shipping.


Q6)  What is the weight of the Nanoleaf?

Ans. The Nanoleaf weighs 85g.

From the samples we have seen, a leading brand CFL (100W equivalent) weighs about 150g.


Q7) What is the CRI of the Nanoleaf?

Ans.There is always a trade off between efficiency and CRI.

For the moment, Nanoleaf’s CRI is about 70 and we are working to increase this factor as much as we can WITHOUT decreasing the efficiency.


Q8) Can you use the Nanoleaf in a fully enclosed fixture?

Ans.Yes! We have added an over temperature protection circuit to our Nanoleaf which allows it to work in a fully enclosed fixture.

Most LED light bulbs or CFL’s have a problem of overheating within a fully enclosed fixture, which causes the LEDs to start failing well before their expected lifetime. The reason for this is that these fixtures do not allow for sufficient air flow, thus trapping the heat inside and overheating the bulbs. We cannot claim that the Nanoleaf will work in absolutely all enclosures, but we can say that the Nanoleaf emits less than half the heat energy as compared to other LED bubs or CFLs. The chance of overheating is far lessened. After receiving various question regarding fixtures, we realized that these bulbs are going to end up in all kinds of installations. Of course, we want to make sure that the customer gets a long life out of these bulbs so that they pay for themselves over the long run. As a result,we are happy to announce that we have added overheat protection as a standard feature of every bulb. If the bulb gets too hot for whatever reason, it will automatically dim itself to prevent damage or shortened life.

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