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Award winning team customizing in home & garden design. We have vast experience of both small and large scale projects.


Nanoleaf is the product of a green technology start-up company. Our vision is to create a better world through conservation and to preserve the planet that we love. We are constantly working on energy efficient products that promote and encourage people to live more green. We hope that one day our great grand children can go on their own adventures and experience the wonders of mother nature in the same way we can today.

Our first line of products to hit the market is the Nanoleaf LED light bulbs (formerly known as the NanoLight on the popular crowdfunding site KickStarter). We were lucky enough to receive an overwhelming amount of support from the KickStarter community when we debuted our light bulb there in January of 2013, which allowed us to start mass production. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the lighting industry with our innovation and to light up the world while preserving our planet.

Like any start-up company, we have the talent and ideas, but we need funding and support!


The focus of our company is energy conservation. We center every aspect of our work at the Nanoleaf around creating higher energy efficiency, reducing Carbon foot-prints, and creating ecological value in all of our products. At the most fundamental level, our purpose is to create energy efficient LED lighting that is innovative and economical, so that our planet can have a brighter future.

Our Values Guide Us

Our company values guide the decisions we make, and require that we constantly improve the products and services and value that we deliver in everything we create.


We create products that are sustainable for our planet.

LED lighting is still in its early stages, which unfortunately means costs are high. However, there is no limit to how much energy the world can conserve together if we were to make the move to LED lighting on a global scale. We aim to spread the knowledge of the positive impact switching to LED bulbs can have on our planet, while also fight to keep cost low and affordable for our consumers.

The Nanoleaf is committed to delivering energy efficient solutions that work for everyone. Our ability to think outside of the box and our dedication to perfection enables us to deliver products that is both usable and economical. However, our true accomplishments are in the ecological impacts that our products will have on our planet, and the inspiration that our products bring to you. We hope to inspire more to join us in the movement for a greener future.

Customer Focus

We are focused on customer needs.

Here at the Nanoleaf, your feedback and needs are imperative to us. We are constantly listening and improving ourselves in order to produce a product that is superior in energy efficiency, longer lasting, and easily lovable. Our goal is to have our products reach as much of the world’s population as possible.

Our experts

Technology Solutions Architect
B.Sc. McMaster University | Ph.D, University of Toronto



Product Development Manager
B. Sc., University of Toronto


Operations Management
B. Sc., University of Toronto



It takes more than just talent and ambition to build a successful business. Funding is a vital part in growing our company to its full potential. We strive to produce the best quality product for our consumers. Your support will help introduce our green products to more homes and buildings in the world, and help us change the future of lighting for the better.

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