DIY Guide For Inverter Installation At Home

In our day-to-day life, we are completely dependent on electricity for everything that we do. It becomes traumatizing if there are sudden power cuts and we cannot work because of no electricity supply. Having electricity now has become a basic in our life and bearable as it helps us to survive the extremes of temperatures. The discovery of electricity is undoubtedly one of the best discoveries our scientists have made. Modern computers, robots, and various other developers have been made because of electricity. Then inverters became famous in the market as they can change the direct current in alternating current. There are three types of inverters available: sine wave inverters, modified sine wave inverters, and square wave inverters. 

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How Important Is Electricity To Us?

DIY Guide For Inverter Installation At Home

Our usual lives depend on electricity and can become traumatizing if there are sudden power cuts.  Electricity has undoubtedly made our lives much easier and bearable as it helps us to survive the extremes of temperatures. The discovery of electricity is one of the best discoveries our scientists have made. Many of the modern inventions such as modern computers, robots, and various other developers have been made because of electricity. Then inverters become famous in the market as they can change the direct current in alternating current. There are three types of inverters available which are sine wave inverters, modified sine wave inverters, and square wave inverters.

The one used broadly by almost every household is a sine wave inverter. An inverter mainly supplies electricity when there are frequent power cuts, and it helps us by giving us backup electricity. It has become more of a requirement than a luxury nowadays. Moreover, frequent power cuts are always stressful to our lives as we are very much dependent on electricity. From lights to internet broadband, everything requires electrical energy. If you want to solve this dilemma, then you have to invest money and buy an inverter. The outstanding part is you install it by yourself. It is easy to set up an inverter in an abode by following certain steps with care.

We will be guiding you on the ways to set up an inverter at a house in a very simple way. At first, ensure to buy a good inverter according to your choice and keep it ready for installation. You will get a lot of options nowadays present in the sector with distinct specifications. The steps for setting up an inverter at home are as follows.

Step 1-Choosing The Appropriate Location:

In your residence, you require to find the best spot where you think you can put the machine. You should keep certain key points in mind while you choose the place. It should be such, which includes not placing any flammable materials near it which might cause accidents. Should not be in direct contact with any liquid or moisture and the area should be completely dry. The spot should be chosen in the absence of direct sunlight. The surrounding area of the equipment should have ample space once it is installed.

Step 2-Placing The Inverter:

Placing the machine is the next step of the process. The equipment gets placed either parallel on a vertical or on or under a horizontal surface. The wheels of the device should be locked to stop the movement of the wheels while installing the battery. Attempt installing it on a vertical wall that will not vibrate, and remember to keep it away from any flammable materials.

Step 3-Join The Device To The Mains:

Note that, only the machine-connected MCBs will provide the power during failure. The connection between the three wires from the inverter needs to be made to the respective wires and the mains. Connect a 3-pin plug to the inverter output which will be the input socket to get the output current from the machine. First, ensure to get rid of the 4 screws that hold the unusual panel to the central house chassis. To set up the battery, lift the top cover of the primary chassis to observe the inside. The longer segment of the battery passes through the front panel length. You have to set up the first battery through the back opening. This is to place the positive terminal is to the back right side of the chassis. Then you should place the second battery to the left positive terminal. Be careful while taking out the series and glide it into the primary housing through the back hole.

Step 4-The Connection Of The Cell Of The Wire Should Be Strong:

Now you require strengthening the cell. Keep in mind that you require to resist the speed of the wire connecting the transformer and the cell to verify the current flowing. It caters to transferring great power of usable power to various electronics attached along with the transformer.

Step 5-Positioning The Transformer:

First, put the transformer on the head of the central area and make sure it is facing ahead. Do not let any power run through your house meter board. Now try linking one ending of electrical rope from the two-side switch light carrying orbit and attach the opposite side to the given IEC connector; after this, connect the input connect of the back panel with the machine assembly. Then connect one surface of the electric wire from the weight and attach the other face of the electric line to the set IEC connector. After that, you require attaching it to the resulting connection of the transformer. You will get to observe the machine starts working on its own.

If the battery can be charged through the home current supply, then you can connect it to the output central two-side MCB using a 3-pin power plug and 3 pin power sockets to the main point.


Try to follow all the above mentioned points correctly. If you do so,  you can do the installation all by yourself as by now you must be aware of the dynamics of inverter installation. Install it and becomes tension-free during power cuts. However, if you still need help, then you can always connect with the professionals.  It is completely upon you, how to set up the device. But however, you do it ensure that you are quite alert and very observant during the fitting process. Then you can employ it as per your own convenience.


How to connect 2 or more computers to 1 monitor?

With the years of evolution, technology has advanced at the most rapid pace. We have the complete world within our fingertips because of technology. The various inventions and technological developments have made our lives more effortless than ever. But, there is no end or halt in the process of advancement of technology.

It started with the invention of the massive computers, which was a landmark in the history of science and technology. Then, the massive computers have a transformation into a smaller and more portable size. And now, with all the advanced researches and inventions we can use two or even more computers on a single monitor. And, to do so, the steps or aspects are straightforward. The following points help you to know How to connect 2 or more computers to 1 monitor.

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Ways To Connect Two Or More Computers Into One Monitor:

How to connect 2 or more computers to 1 monitor?

The following are a few different ways to have two or more computers connected to a single monitor.

  • Use of KVM software

KVM software is one of the most advanced and the newest technological medium, through which you can connect more than one computer and use only one keyboard or mouse for controlling all of them together. There is numerous efficient KVM software available for use. You may very well not find them as effective as the KVM hardware devices, but they can serve your need of accessing several computers through one monitor quite easily. You will find some of the software that has paid versions, while some may provide you with a free trial version for a limited period. And, you may also find many such KVM software that is available free of any cost. It was one of your first ways and the newest one in the market that will help you connect two or more computers to a single monitor.

  • KVM hardware

The KVM hardware performs the function of connecting more than one computer through a single e monitor, which is similar to the power of the KVM software. The only additional feature here is that the KVM hardware is much more efficient and better working than the KVM softwares. They quickly switch between or among the various connected computers and helps you control all of them through a single keyboard or mouse at a quick pace. Through the KVM hardware, you save both space and money. You no longer need to keep several keyboards or mice for each computer as you can control all your computer with just one system of keyboards or mouse. Similarly, you do not have to spend too much money on more than one set of keywords or mouse, because with just one set of keyboard and mouse you can control all your computers.

  • Use of the ports present on the monitor

There are numerous ports present on your monitors. They are your gateway for connecting more than two computers to a single monitor. It is a quick and easy job to do. The variety of ports on your monitor includes one or more HDMI ports, VGA ports, and Display ports. The HDMI port and cables will help you integrate two or more computers into one monitor as and when necessary. However, the number of HDMI ports that your motor will have depends on the model type and the age of your monitor. The latest, the better. The internal menu of your monitor will provide you with the option to switch between the computers and control them.

  • Use of RDP

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. RDP is the easiest method that enables you to connect more than two computers and control them simultaneously with just a single set of keyboard and mouse. Moreover, Google has its software for Remote desktop protocol, which is free. You have to perform only a few steps to achieve this facility of controlling several computers through a single set of controlling hardware. First, you require running the software on your monitor and then prepare to set up a secured server that is also private. You can do so quite easily with the help of the software of Chrome Remote Desktop.

Why Should You Consider Connecting Multiple Computers?

Having read the methods of connecting multiple computers and controlling them via one monitor, you might want to know the advantages of doing so. So, here are the points that explain why you should consider connecting two or more computers into a single monitor.

  • Save space and save money

Imagine the amount of pace you will save by omitting the extra sets of keyboard and mouse when you have just one set of keyboard and mouse controlling all your monitors effectively. When you do not need more than one set of keyboards or mouse, why buy them? Therefore, with a single set of control devices, you save the cost of purchasing the additional seats for the other sets of computers. That is a lot of money and a lot of space for you to save.

  • Enjoy optimum flexibility

Using multiple computers is necessary for many professions now. But, this becomes difficult because for using multiple computers, you need to move to them separately. But, what if you can switch among the computers. You can do so when you connect your computers and control all of them altogether through a single monitor. Consequently, the flexibility is enhanced to the utmost level, and your ease of working is also amplified impeccably.

  • Boon for the gamers

The present generation is filled with teens and young adults who aspire to be the greatest gamers or spend a great proportion of their daily time on gaming. It is pure bliss to have two or more computers, which they can access and control simultaneously by quick switching. Therefore, connecting two or more computers into a single monitor helps many gamers enhance their gaming skills, amplifying their gaming experience.

  • Share data more easily than ever

Many professions require sharing of data all the time. Also, they may need multiple programs running side-by-side for their work. And, that can be possible when you can connect two or more computers into a single monitor. When you have such access, you can switch among the computers. Also, you can transfer the required data whenever necessary without facing many difficulties. 


Computers are one of the most valuable appliances that technology has given us. But, with the growing needs and possibilities of doing better every day, we require several computers together. And, to make that happen, we require connecting the several computers into a single monitor. Our discussion has stated to you some of the ways through which you can do so. Look into your requirements and resources, and based on that, opt for the methods that will most effectively serve your purpose.


Best Inverter Batteries To Buy For Home In India 2021

The inverter batteries are designed to consistently provide a small amount of current but for a more extended period. They are not discharged that easily and quickly. The real-life and performance of an inverter battery depends on the battery used inside the inverter. Overall, the battery is the essential component inside an inverter. You must always check the quality of the battery used inside the inverter to get a longer supply of current. Multiple brands can produce quality inverter batteries, but the customers must look after factors like size, storage power, quality, and capacity.

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Why Are Inverter Batteries So Helpful?

Best Inverter Batteries To Buy For Home In India 2021



Applications that are built these days are made for heavy-duty work even in harsh weather conditions. But at some point in time, the old devices might face technical issues at times of power cuts. According to researchers, the appliance that faces the most problems is the refrigerators. The freezer of the refrigerators causes problems due to power cuts followed by the ceiling fans and microwave ovens.

The motive of using an inverter battery is to provide a long-term power supply to these appliances so that there is no problem inside the appliances and prevent long-lasting damage.

The best way to do so is to install an inverter battery. Inverter batteries are used to run the applications at low power during power cuts. Therefore, you must install an inverter battery that can support your home appliances effortlessly. 

List Of Best Inverters:

Based on the brand’s popularity, availability in the market, and the latest technologies developed, we have listed some quality inverter batteries that might be effective in the long run.

Luminous Tubular Battery:

Luminous is one of the best and effective inverter brands in India. It is an effective solution to all your power needs. The batteries are made with rugged tubular plates and high-quality pressure casting machines. It means that the battery can resist any harsh conditions. Coming to the specifications, the battery has high purity along with corrosion-resistant ability. The balanced plate design of the inverter battery improves charge acceptance and deep discharge recovery. All these features have made this inverter battery capable of withstanding high power cuts. The battery has a fast-charging feature along with good overcharge tolerance and minimal maintenance. Customers can expect a backup of six to eight hours from this inverter battery. 

Key Features:

  • Long lifespan and fast charging.
  • Requires little or no maintenance.
  • Battery backup of six to eight hours.
  • High performance

Loom Solar Inverter Battery:

This machine performs the function of an inverter battery and a high-power backup system developed by Loom Solar. The machine possesses a 2kva inverter along with a 2kwh battery inside it. The battery system requires no maintenance cost and can offer a battery backup of five to eight hours.

If you are one of those customers who needs a high-power backup inverter battery with little or no maintenance, then this battery might be a compelling buy for you. 

Key Features:

  • The system is lightweight.
  • Double lifespan from a lead-acid battery.
  • Works along with the solar panels.
  • No maintenance is required.

Amaron Inverter Tubular battery:

Amaron inverter battery is a tall, 150AH battery compatible with almost all the inverters developed by different brands. The machine is made up of high heat resistant calcium-alloy fused with modified hybrid alloys for the grids fixed inside the machine. The battery does not require any maintenance. You can also expect a lifespan of four to five years from this battery, and the device comes with a warranty of four years.

Key Features:

  • Easy and fast charging.
  • High heat resistant ability.
  • Best current reserve capacity.
  • Requires little or no maintenance.

Exide Inverter battery:

Exide inverter batteries are known for excellent battery backups at low rates. The device is designed in a way that it can resist high-temperature conditions. The Exide inverter battery is made up of a high alloy system that can reduce water loss. The machine requires low maintenance and is made up of a spill-proof body. It comes with a warranty period of three long years, and customers can expect a battery life of three years.

Key Features:

  • Easy maintenance.
  • Tolerance to high temperatures.
  • Lightweight.
  • Spill-proof body.

Okaya Inverter Battery:

The Okaya inverter battery uses PE separator technology inside it. The battery is initially charged from the factory and provides a practical and extended battery backup. The inverter battery has a quick charging feature and requires little to no maintenance cost. The battery is a tall tubular battery and has a capacity of 150 AH. It comes with a warranty period of 48 months which sums up to four long years. Users can expect a life of four to five years from the inverter battery.

Key Features:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Long battery backup.
  • The battery is initially charged from the factory.
  • Installed with a quick recharge formula.

Exide Inva Master Inverter Battery:

Exide Inva Master Inverter Batteries are thick plates with electrolytes 20% more than the regular standard inverter batteries. It can withstand high power outages. The device is suitable for deep discharge and requires low maintenance. Users can go for this inverter battery as it comes with an extended warranty period of three years. Exide also ensures that the battery can last for three to four long years. 

Key Features:

  • Withstands high power outages.
  • Requires little to no maintenance cost.
  • Excellent battery performance.

Final Verdict:

Most parts of the world are still suffering from high voltage fluctuations and frequent power cuts. Hence, there is a massive demand for inverter batteries these days. Thus, to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply for the multiple devices and appliances you own at your house, you must install an inverter battery. But with so many brands available in the market, you must choose the most effective option. Inverter batteries can be differentiated depending on several factors like power rating, heat resistant ability, charging power, durability, and many more. Every device is not perfect, but some of them excel out from others. This article has listed some of the best inverters that you can buy for your home in 2021. You can go through all the reviews of the above-given inverter batteries and choose the best one depending on your requirements.


How to choose printers for home use?

Demand for printers has increased for both personal and professional life. Be it any requirement, printing a business report, or a government demand form, printers have made our lives easy and comfortable. However, what’s difficult here is to find the right printer for home use, as they have changed a lot in years, and with such updated options,  one can get complicated with the fact of, what exactly is the right fit.

So, here we have created a guide using simple explanations to help you with buying a specific printer. Make sure to check through these features before you get a printer for yourself.

Inkjet vs. laser printers- Which one to get?

On the one hand, where inkjet printers use the ink cartridges through which ink gets applied on paper, wet and rapidly dried, on the other hand, toners are used by the laser printers, which is an ink dust type, that bonds on to the paper for providing results, faster and efficient.

Inkjet printers hold a strong market as they are useful to print anything (photos, charts, and alike) faster, surpassing the counterparts of the laser printers. On the other hand, laser printers are good for office use, as it is an affordable choice, speedy and offer low-cost prints. But a laser printer isn’t as flexible as inkjet printers.

Which Type of Printer Should You Buy?

Need to print something? There are many types of printers on the market with varying features. You might wonder, which printer should you buy for your needs?

There are several things that determine whether or not a certain type of printer is right for you: price, quality, speed and size all play an important role in choosing what kind of printing device will work best. If time isn’t too much concern but low prices matter most than opting for an inkjet printer would be advisable because they’re cheaper than laser models even though their speeds may vary based on different factors like model brand etc… Another consideration could be how often do require photo prints given that color lasers can produce great results while also being fast at it without having to use third party software.

Do You Also Want to Scan and Make Copies?


A regular printer only prints, so if you don’t need scanning or copying capabilities then an inkjet would be worth looking into. Prices start at well below $100 for printers that do not print in laser quality; however, the cheaper price tag comes with lower-quality printing.


An all-in-one printer is a single device that has the capabilities of providing scanning, copying and (sometimes) faxing. It can save you money as it takes up little more space than your basic printer and costs less to purchase then several separate devices added together.

Multifunction printers

It is a good choice for home print users, as it’s cheap and doesn’t take much space. Using it, one can also scan, copy, and save the documents directly to the computers. It also has a faxing feature, which is not much in use these days. These printers are handy and help keep minimum paperwork at home.

Photo printers

For homework assignments, printing photos for memory, and alike tasks, the photo printers are the right choice. Though they lack multitasking flexibility, they offer good quality prints and the price paid for it, gets covered with the quality prints being delivered by it.

Modern paperless home printers

Due to an increase in digital works and being paperless, the demand for such printers has suddenly risen. It is the right fit, compact, for the home, and doesn’t require much ink cartridge maintenance. They have been designed specifically for works done directly from phones & laptops.

Questions to ask, before choosing a printer –

How to choose printers for home use

Many factors are to be considered before making a printer purchase. The below-mentioned are some specific ones to get through with.

What would be its usage? –Is it required for an occasional photograph or artwork for kids or to fulfill daily high printing requirements?

Input and output trays set-up- Print, Pull, Roll, Print, Out. These are the five steps on which modern printers work today. But it isn’t a choice with a heavier stock, lined for printing. Apart from this, some printers also offer users for having trays more than once on the front, to allow convenience over paper choice and usage. So, it’s better to check through the tray’s paper holding capacity before.

Color claims, resolution, and speed overprints- The printers of the modern world are ISO certified, the standard based on which the procedures for testing it is done. Some specifications checked as per ISO standards include the pages per minute (black-and-white and color), dots per inch (ink dots applied by the printer to the square inch of the paper, and creating high resolution and detailed prints).

Duplexing- It is the ability of a printer to print on both ends of paper is to be checked as even though most of the printers today allow by re-feeding the paper manually into the printer, to print on both ends, but doesn’t it seem like trouble?

Page yield or price per page- Manufacturers print page yield for the printers. Check it before buying one.

Network capabilities- Even though modern-aged printers offer connectivity with USB ports, ethernet, wi-fi, wi-fi direct, near field communication (in few models), it is still better to check beforehand, whether what you need is available therein.

Apart from all the points as mentioned earlier to cover, check out for duty cycle, supply costs, memory card slots, cloud connectivity, PictBridge, paper handling capacity, and alike features, which get updated in the printers from time to time. Being aware of such details saves from future issues. So, know before you invest.