Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Printer

There are different types of printers available for different purposes. We need to know about our purposes before buying any printer, as there are different printers for different purposes. You’ll not buy all the printers at once. You need to buy things according to your needs. Printers are used for photocopies, printing, scanning, etc.

We have to put a few things together to get what we need. Let us get all our information in one place and then decide what to buy. In this article, we’ll consider the important things before buying a printer. Let’s do it!

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Things Which Are Needed To Be Considered:

Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Printer

  1. Budget: The primary thing which needs consideration is our budget. We have to make sure how much we can spend on a printer. There are printers available in different price ranges. Expensive printers have more features than the cheaper ones. However, cheaper printers can also give the same quality prints as the expensive ones. If you need a printer where you can do all the things that a printer does, you can go for the all-in-one printer.
  2. Running Cost: Another financial point you need to go through is the running cost, which means how much the printer is going to cost to run. If you are planning to buy a printer with high ink capacity and printing speeds, these two points are needed to be rethought when it comes to saving money. There will be requirements of paper, inks, and repairs; decide accordingly. If we buy anything, we should take care of it as well.
  3. Size: This matter might look simple, but if neglected, you might have consequences later. Whichever printer you are planning to buy, whether it’s a big one or a small one, make sure you have sufficient space for your machine to get settled. 
  4. Functionality: You should get something that will fulfill your needs. There are different types of printers available for different purposes. The different functionalities a printer can deliver are:
    • Printing photos
    • Printing card
    • Printing labels
    • Scanning
    • Copying
    • Double-sided printing
    • Printing on different paper sizes
    • High volume printing

If you are not sure which your exact requirements are, you can buy the all-in-one printer. This printer can do all the things mentioned above.

  1. Ink Capacity: In the long run, inks can be expensive. You have to consider this point as well. High ink capacity printers will save you from this problem. Its big capacity will contain more ink than any other normal printer, hence, saving a great deal of money.
  2. Printing Speeds: This is another factor you need to have a look at. How fast your printer can print is also important and varies in different places. For example, if you want to buy it for your office purpose, you need to have a fast printing speed printer because your other colleagues need the chance to print as well. Slow printing speed will hamper the patience level in a long queue. If it is for your purpose, then a slow printer won’t affect anything. You are good to go with anything!
  3. Warranties: The warranty period varies by manufacturing company. If you want a warranty for your printer, make sure to look into the matter keenly. For domestic users, a 1-year warranty is a lot. Commercial users might need more warranty periods. Canon usually gives a 1-year warranty, and Lexmark gives around 4-year warranty options on the printers. You can also extend your warranty period. Brother Company offers such options for their customers. You need to pay some extra amount of money to get this offer. Always look into the warranty period of the printer. It helps. 

What To Look For When Buying A New Printer?

Want to replace your printer because of some problems? Before buying it, please check your requirements and purposes. The main reason for this step is that it will impact the features and functionality you require and, therefore, the manufacturer and the model. Let’s see the four options available for us:

  1. Home Use: When it comes to home use, always go for a single ink system. This means that the printer contains separate ink cartridges for different colors. It helps you to refill the cartridges accordingly and one by one. The majority of Epson, Canon, and Brother provide you with this facility. It is always better to pay a little extra to get some more benefits. You’ll be surprised to know how handy a scanner or a photocopy is! All the brands have an all-in-one printer, which will make all your work easier. Do look carefully before getting one. 
  2. Photo Printing: If you are looking for a good quality photo printing machine, you should buy a printer, which will offer more than just a standard CYMK cartridge configuration. When it comes to photos, everyone will prefer a printer that would print a good photo of better quality. You need to keep in mind that these photos are being printed for a very long run. Good quality ink will always help you to preserve photos for decades. All the company can provide you with such printers, look into the details and features before buying.
  3. Small Business: Small business printer’s requirements are almost the same as home printers. Low cost and good performance is the top priority; hence, quality inkjet or laser printers are the ones you should look into. In the office, you’ll need a multipurpose printer, which will help you in every aspect. It is preferable to buy a single ink system because it will help you to refill the inks individually when it is required. HP offers excellent printers according to your needs. They manufacture printers mainly for small businesses. It also offers lower-cost printers with many facilities. 
  4. Large Business: A color laser printer is the best for large businesses. Whilst you might only want a chosen few to be able to print in color, there are ways and means to limit this; plus, we think a mono-only printer can be limiting. The manufacturers have fast printing, low cost per page, and reliability printers for this purpose. It is important to make everyone happy in a large business. Fast printing is very much required in this type of field. Always look and enquire about the manufacturers for better results in the future.

Original Vs Compatible Ink Cartridges – Differences

In recent times, printing has become an important thing. Official places like colleges and schools require hard copy documents. The craze for printers has increased gradually with an increase in technology. Apart from official work, printers are required for our personal desires as well. We can print pictures and other things which we want to. Life has become so easy, right?

The printer and ink are complementary to each other. In terms of economics, we can say that they fall under the category of ‘joint demand’. There are normally 4 colors in the printer. The three primary colors which are red, blue, and yellow, plus black color for the black and white prints. There are two types of inks available in the market. One is an original ink cartridge and the other one is a compatible ink cartridge. Before buying anything we need to know about it. We have to gain the whole knowledge about those particular things. Let us look into this ink matter in this article, shall we?

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Differences Between Original, Remanufactured, And Compatible Toner:

Original Vs Compatible Ink Cartridges

Original toners are freshly manufactured ink cartridges, which the printer manufacturer makes. We can say that these are the original ones in the market with the best quality ink as the printer manufacturer itself makes it.

Compatible toners are brand new ink cartridges made by a third-party manufacturer. These products are not affiliated with the original printer company. These cartridges are like duplicate inks produced by other people at lower prices, which attracts people more. The quality is a bit degraded than the original toners.   

Remanufactured toners are the original ink cartridges that have been used once, returned to the manufacturer, cleaned, and refilled. It is the same as the original toners. You are just refilling the same thing again.

Are Our Compatible Ink Cartridges Cheaper Than The Original?

If we put it simply, then yes. We know that anything which is duplicate or secondary is usually cheaper than the original. In the very first place, it is made for this reason only. People always prefer less costly things, hence the presence of compatible ink cartridges in the market. Original cartridges come with a guarantee, surety, and good quality. When you buy such links, you are rest assured that they will fit in your printer and you are not compromising the quality of the ink. It’s just the opposite in terms of the compatible ink toners. They are cheaper and the quality is not as good as the original ones. We know that good quality comes with a price.

Ink cartridges can fail for a number of reasons:

  • Chip is not recognized.
  • The print head gets clogged while using it.
  • A cartridge does not fit properly in the printers.

However, it is to be kept in mind that 2% of the compatible cartridges fail. But then, it is up to the user what they want. They can buy the original quality ink with surety or they can risk buying the compatible ones with low quality and no surety. Choosing the type also depends on the price as well.

Which One Is Better?

It depends on many factors. If you print a lot, then the compatible cartridges will help you in the long run. It is cheap and better for the ones who print a lot. People who use their printers once in a while or very rarely, then it’s better for them to buy the original ones. The original cartridges prevent clogging and when your printer is not in use frequently, there are high chances of clogging if you use compatible inks. Basically, it solely depends on the user. You might be using your printer regularly, but every time you need good quality prints, then go for it. It might cost a little more, but it is worth it. We all know that the original one is always better. If you want to use compatibles, then you should go for the one original cartridge for every 3-4 compatibles. Doing this shall help clean and lubricate the print heads and ensure no blockage builds up.

Is Original Ink Better At Printing?

Without a question or hesitation, we can say that the original inks are always better. It is made in a way where there will be no problem regarding the ink. It will fit in the printer and the quality will be the best as the ink cartridges are made according to the printers. If you have a photo printer that has 6 different inks, you can use that to fathom the changes. To be very honest, photos printed with compatible inks degrade faster than photos which are printed with the original inks. In the end, quality matters. Due to our issues, we go for the second option.

How Do I Get The Most From My Printer?

To get the best outcome, always gather the best things together. If you want to achieve the optimum level from your printer, get the original ink cartridge and the best quality paper. Also, you need a good printer for the best quality. When you have all the best components for printing, nothing else can stop you from getting the best print ever. Once you get to know about these things, compatible inks will never cross your mind again. Nothing can beat the quality you will achieve with the original ones.

So Should You Buy An Original Or Compatible Ink Cartridge?

I believe in ‘we should try everything possible in life’ supremacy. If you have never tried compatible inks, give it a shot. Technology has come a long way now and trying compatible inks will not harm you. You might get prints that are near to the original ones. If you don’t want to take risks in your work, you can buy the original ones any day. They are guaranteed products and will give you the best outcome no matter what. As we have discussed earlier, it fits in your printer easily. It is best to buy the inks from where you have bought your printers. They will guide you accordingly.


Your Complete Guide To Epson Ecotank Printers

Epson is a known manufacturer of quality printers in Japan. They are known for being one of the largest and best printer manufacturers globally and also produce other essential devices like copiers and scanners. The Ecotank series is a famous line of printers developed by Epson that uses a particular form of a cartridge. The cartridge reduces the waste materials and makes refilling easy for the customers. The eco tank printer series has a wide range of printer models starting from color and monochrome models to A4 and A3 sizes and also develops printers that are useful for photography. 

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What Is An Ecotank Printer Developed By Epson?

Your Complete Guide To Epson Ecotank Printers

Unlike the ordinary inkjet printers, the Epson eco tank printers minimalize ink cartridges by replacing them with refillable ink cartridges. The printers come with an ultra-high system of ink refill capacity that provides a continuous supply of ink to the printer. Rather than replacing the entire ink cartridge, you can fill the ink system whenever required for printing purposes. This is essential because sometimes, the ink cartridges dry up and are thrown in the form of wastage. In such a case, the Epson eco tank printer stands apart from the rest of the inkjet printers.

Process Of Refilling The Tank System Of Epson Eco Tank Printers:

The ink levels are shown on the front display of the eco tank printers. So it becomes easier for you to know when the ink system is running out. When you have to refill the ink system, you need to follow simple steps to help you. 

  • Firstly ensure that the Epson eco tank printer is turned on and the power light is also turned on.
  • If the display asks you to reset the ink level, press ok else continue to the settings tab, open the maintenance system and reset the ink level. 
  • Open the unit cover inside the ink tank, remove the cap of the ink tank and finally place the cap holder.
  • Open the cap of the ink bottle and remove the seal. Don’t keep the bottle open, as the ink might dry up. Once the seal is opened, close the cap.
  • Fill the ink till the upper line of the ink tank. Every eco tank printer has a specially designed system that prevents the false refilling of ink. The ink filling will automatically stop once the upper line tank is reached.
  • Once the complete filling is completed, close the cap of the ink tank and press the ok button. 
  • Use the left and right arrows to select the ink that you have filled and continue. Repeat this process each time you fill the ink tank.
  • Press the start button again to reset the level of ink inside the Epson eco tank printer.

These are the eight significant steps that must be followed while filling ink inside the eco tank printers.

How Long Does The Ink Inside The Tank Last, And Are They Worth Buying?

According to the Epson brand, every Epson eco tank printer refill is equivalent to eighty-eight individual ink cartridges. So if estimated, the ink tank system of the Epson eco tank printer can print upto fourteen thousand pages altogether. This system is great because it can save a lot of ink.

The system is cost-effective if you have a standard printing process at home regarding the device’s worth. It will help you save a lot of money. These printers have large ink tanks in the reservoirs, unlike the ordinary inkjet printers that require cartridge replacements. The Epson eco tank printers will help you save money on ink replacements.

The Printer Is Easy To Operate:

You might think you would mess up while refilling the tank system, but there is no issue. Epson already has a support system. Every Epson eco tank printer has a resealable cap and a nozzle that reduces the risk of ink spilling. The ink bottles of Epson eco tank printers also feature a pressure mechanism that will prevent the ink from going inside once the tank is already full.

Unlike the inkjet printers, you can already see the ink level in the eco tank printers. You don’t need to depend on the faded documents or the ink system providing warnings. You can check the status of ink inside the eco tank printers. This reduces guess workings, and your printer will never have to run low on inks.

Excellent Quality:

Since the tank system of the eco tank printers is designed for utilization in those specific devices only, customers receive great results from these printers. This is essential for print jobs requiring a lot of inks, like printing high-quality colored photographs. 

In the case of this Epson eco tank printer, it has heat-free technology that ensures excellent results every time. It is equipped with a precision core that is a superior quality ink chip and can produce forty million ink dots every second. The printer possesses fewer imperfections, fantastic accuracy and precision, and limited distortions in the final product generated.

The Printer Is Environmentally Friendly:

As the rate of global pollution is rising every day, it becomes the responsibility of the citizens to minimize carbon footprint contributions. However, the printer might not be an item that will come to your mind while reducing household waste. But a printer generates a lot of household waste. 

The monochrome eco tank Epson printer uses heat-free technology that consumes less electricity and contributes less to the electricity bills. It can print large volumes of designs at lesser cost and produces minimal waste products.

Final Verdict:

Hopefully, now you can understand how essential an Epson eco tank printer is for household printing purposes. By cutting the energy wasted, time involved, and the cost engaged. The printer is not practical for regular purposes because the tank system suits those who print texts or photographs sometimes. Overall, the Epson eco tank printer can be an excellent choice for the customers as it can generate excellent printing results. The digital display also reduces the guessing work for the users as you know when to fill the ink system.


What Are The Advantages of Inkjet printers?

Inkjet printers are the best forms of printers that are available in the markets these days. They have also been dominating the Indian markets and have found a safe place in the commercial offices. These printers have hundreds of nozzles and fire guns that drop inks into a sheet or page to create various texts or images. The drops of inks are tiny, cannot be seen through naked eyes, and range around 50 microns in diameter. 

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Just like human hair, these drops of inks can be smaller than the red blood cells in some of the best inkjet printers. There are various colors available on these printers like magenta, cyan, black and white, yellow, and many more. These colors can be sprayed together to create a beautiful impression of the respective design on the white page. Spraying tons of dots with precision can help you achieve a great image or photo of various shades. In this article, we are going to talk about some advantages of using inkjet printers.

What Is The Use Of New Inkjet Printers?

What Are The Advantages of Inkjet printers?

Nowadays, inkjet printers are multi-functional printers because they can perform all three actions, including scanning, copying, and printing. For the printing process, these printers have a cartridge inside them that contains ink. Over the years, several improvements have been made to the inkjet printers related to quality and speed. 

Though the laser printers hold some place in the workplaces, sometimes the businesses also prefer inkjet printers over laser printers. 

  • Quality Of Image

Undoubtedly, most people invest in a good quality inkjet printer because of the image they produce. Inkjet printing technology places precise ink dots with resolution up to 1440×1440 dots for every inch. More dots every inch show a better and more precise high-resolution image with better color reproduction and shading. The inkjet printers are capable of producing high-quality graphics and photos with life-like outcomes.

  • Initial Costs Are Low.

Even if the image quality is something that you don’t prefer, you must think about the price of the printer. Whether you are keeping the printer at home or office, you must be keeping a look at your wallet. One of the main reasons inkjet printers have become so popular is that they are available at meager prices. A quality choice of an inkjet printer capable of producing quality images is always going to be cheaper than laser printers. They can perform multiple functions and are a value for material for the workstations. Whether you don’t want to spend a considerable sum on printers or look for budget-friendly options, inkjet printers are the best choice. 

  • The Total Size Of The Printer

When compared with similar laser printers, inkjet printers have always been a compact option for customers. Even the highest quality inkjet printers that can produce A3 printing technology are more petite than laser printers. If space is an essential factor and you are looking for a printer where you can get all-in-one functionality, then inkjet printers are the best and easy to use.

  • Colour Of The Image

With better quality, the color of the image also enhances. Using inkjet printers and their technology can help you produce high-quality images with vivid and bright colors. Many manufacturers and brands are developing better ink technology to enhance the colour feature of inkjet printers.

  • Speed Of The Printer

The inkjet printers have an exciting speed option as one of its significant advantages. Although all inkjet printers have high-speed options, they can produce high-quality images at considerable speeds. Some inkjet printers have a long printing time compared to laser printers, but when it comes to warm-up time, none can beat the speed of the inkjet printers. They can receive and begin printing documents very quickly. 

  • Portability Of The Printer

All the variants of inkjet printers are lightweight and can be used easily by plugging into the socket. It makes them practical for office work as well as the home environment. These printers can be easily carried by people to locations wherever they want. 

  • Quietness

The inkjet printers do not cause any noise as compared to the laser printers. This makes it suitable for keeping inkjet printers in the workplace. The inkjet printers are extremely quiet while they are in operations. 

  • Effective For Small Volume Production

The inkjet printers are highly suitable for producing graphic designs on a small volume scale. Every piece of design or picture made with inkjet printers is of high value, and some artists also prefer them for printing their art. 

  • Inkjet Printers Are Environmentally Friendly

Unlike the other printers, inkjet printers are highly environment friendly. They reduce the wastage of inks because it spills inks only to the points that are to be printed. It also reduces the plate cleaning process after printing.

Final verdict

The inkjet printers can be an excellent choice for photographers because they can deliver the best photo quality compared to the other printers. With eye-catching colors and stunning images, the inkjet printers are capable of producing A2 quality borderless images. Some manufacturers also deliver the printer with glossy paper to produce the best possible results.

Inkjet Printers are undoubtedly one of the most used devices today. They find their utility almost everywhere, including the schools, offices, many art professions, and many other places. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to find a printer with all the necessary features but does not bite away from a heavy sum from your pocket. 

From our discussion, it is evident that the inkjet printer is one of the most advantageous and beneficial printers available in the current times. Starting from its efficient printing process to the impeccable printouts, you will find no complaints while using the inkjet printer. Also, all the variants of the printer are available at the most reasonable prices. It is no secret that you will seldom find any other printer with such loaded features and qualities at such a practical price range. Therefore, if you are looking forward to purchasing a printer and are confused among the innumerable options, opt for the inkjet printer and bestow yourself with its inimitable benefits.


How much does it cost to print per page?

If you are in charge of ordering office printing supplies or managing and organizing a print budget, then you must have details about how much it costs to print a page of gra[hics or texts. The price of the cartridge and printer might be misleading when you choose to calculate the cost of printing a page. Sometimes cheaper cartridges and printing equipment can drain a lot of money compared to the expensive materials depending on the situation. Thus to calculate the printing cost accurately, the cost per page is an essential factor that you must keep in mind.

Printing expenditures sometimes become unmanageable if they are not noted carefully. The per-page printing cost will tell you about the average money required to print a page on a printer and thus will help you keep your printing cost in control. There is a formula that will help you to calculate the cost of printing a particular page.

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Cost of a single page = Price of cartridge/Yield of a page + Cost of paper

Cartridge Price:

The cartridge price is the amount required to purchase a cartridge. The replacement cartridges that are available for the printers are sometimes too expensive. It does not matter whether you are using toner or ink. Though, ink costs more than a toner. But the main expense of having a printer is the price of cartridge replacement.

The price of the cartridge differs depending on the model and brand of the printer. But the formula for calculating cartridge price is the same as the Cost of per page printing.

What Does Page Yield Mean?

Page yield is the number of pages that a printer can print before replacing the cartridge. Every replacement cartridge, be it a toner or a spot of ink, comes with a page yield rating. The rating is usually found on the backside of the ink or the toner pack. However, the page yield ratings are based on prints with a page coverage of 5%. If you are going to print image-heavy or text-heavy pages, the Average Cost of printing per page will be much higher than usual rates.

What Is The Cost Of A Printing Paper?

The standard cost of printing paper ranges between half to two cents per sheet. It depends on the paper quality and the total weight of the paper. Specialty paper or premium papers can cost more than ten cents per sheet or even higher. 

On the other hand, the pacers that are designed for the inkjet printers are such that they can hold the ink released from the cartridge until they dry up. The cheap quality papers cannot have the ink, which eventually runs off and blends with other coloured inks. 

The unique formula also calculates the cost of a printing paper piece on average.

Cost of 500 sheets/ Total number of sheets= Cost of one sheet.

If you can buy sheets in bulk, the total cost can be brought down. But never try to compromise on the quality of the paper because it will ruin your content entirely. 

Colour Printing Cost Calculation:

Colour printing a page also involves a Cost calculating formula.

( Black cartridge price/page yield)+(color cartridge price/page yield) x 3 + total cost of paper= cost of colour printing per page.

The Cost Difference Of Black And White Printing Vs. Colour Printing:

Generally, the cost of color printing is higher than the Cost of black and white printing. Moreover, the inexpensive printers work at a higher printing price. The primary factor that plays an essential role is that the costly printers can produce more pages at the exact page yield cost for both black and white and color printing compared to the inexpensive printers. It is only because the costly printers are more effective and consume less ink for printing the pages. So if you are looking to buy printers for office work, you must never compromise on the Cost of the printer. 

Is Home Print Cheaper Than Printing At The Stores?

How much does it cost to print per page?

If you are looking to print pages in bulk, you must prefer printing at the stores because they have commercial machines that can cut off the total expenditure of printing pages in bulk. But if you have around a hundred pages to print, then you can prefer having printers at your own house. 

Small job printing can be performed at the house, but large printing jobs require office printing. If big printing jobs become the new normal, it is better to spend tons of dollars on high-end printers for higher precision and Cost cut-off. Else the home printers are suitable enough for creating high-end designs on a small scale.

What Is The Average Number Of Pages That A Toner Cartridge Can Print?

The total page yield for the standard toner cartridges varies between 2500 to 4000 pages, and for the premium toner cartridges, it ranges somewhere between 10000 to 12000 pages. It would help if you always kept in mind that the total page yield depends only on 5% of the full-page coverage. If you wish to print image-heavy or text-heavy graphics on the printing pages, your total output per page might also decrease. On average, a standard toner cartridge can print 1000 pages in real-life conditions.

Final Verdict:

You must always stick to the best quality printing at a lower expense to the best printers and printer cartridges. They have a higher page yield as compared to the cheap quality printers. In this article, we have listed the calculation formula for the individual items like page yield, cartridge cost, page cost, and many more. If you are looking to buy a printer for bulk printing in your office, you must go for a quality brand because the total cost of printing all the pages becomes a crucial issue for cost calculation. Cheap printers can drain a lot of money from the company. So think wisely before going printer shopping.


How to choose printers for home use?

Demand for printers has increased for both personal and professional life. Be it any requirement, printing a business report, or a government demand form, printers have made our lives easy and comfortable. However, what’s difficult here is to find the right printer for home use, as they have changed a lot in years, and with such updated options,  one can get complicated with the fact of, what exactly is the right fit.

So, here we have created a guide using simple explanations to help you with buying a specific printer. Make sure to check through these features before you get a printer for yourself.

Inkjet vs. laser printers- Which one to get?

On the one hand, where inkjet printers use the ink cartridges through which ink gets applied on paper, wet and rapidly dried, on the other hand, toners are used by the laser printers, which is an ink dust type, that bonds on to the paper for providing results, faster and efficient.

Inkjet printers hold a strong market as they are useful to print anything (photos, charts, and alike) faster, surpassing the counterparts of the laser printers. On the other hand, laser printers are good for office use, as it is an affordable choice, speedy and offer low-cost prints. But a laser printer isn’t as flexible as inkjet printers.

Which Type of Printer Should You Buy?

Need to print something? There are many types of printers on the market with varying features. You might wonder, which printer should you buy for your needs?

There are several things that determine whether or not a certain type of printer is right for you: price, quality, speed and size all play an important role in choosing what kind of printing device will work best. If time isn’t too much concern but low prices matter most than opting for an inkjet printer would be advisable because they’re cheaper than laser models even though their speeds may vary based on different factors like model brand etc… Another consideration could be how often do require photo prints given that color lasers can produce great results while also being fast at it without having to use third party software.

Do You Also Want to Scan and Make Copies?


A regular printer only prints, so if you don’t need scanning or copying capabilities then an inkjet would be worth looking into. Prices start at well below $100 for printers that do not print in laser quality; however, the cheaper price tag comes with lower-quality printing.


An all-in-one printer is a single device that has the capabilities of providing scanning, copying and (sometimes) faxing. It can save you money as it takes up little more space than your basic printer and costs less to purchase then several separate devices added together.

Multifunction printers

It is a good choice for home print users, as it’s cheap and doesn’t take much space. Using it, one can also scan, copy, and save the documents directly to the computers. It also has a faxing feature, which is not much in use these days. These printers are handy and help keep minimum paperwork at home.

Photo printers

For homework assignments, printing photos for memory, and alike tasks, the photo printers are the right choice. Though they lack multitasking flexibility, they offer good quality prints and the price paid for it, gets covered with the quality prints being delivered by it.

Modern paperless home printers

Due to an increase in digital works and being paperless, the demand for such printers has suddenly risen. It is the right fit, compact, for the home, and doesn’t require much ink cartridge maintenance. They have been designed specifically for works done directly from phones & laptops.

Questions to ask, before choosing a printer –

How to choose printers for home use

Many factors are to be considered before making a printer purchase. The below-mentioned are some specific ones to get through with.

What would be its usage? –Is it required for an occasional photograph or artwork for kids or to fulfill daily high printing requirements?

Input and output trays set-up- Print, Pull, Roll, Print, Out. These are the five steps on which modern printers work today. But it isn’t a choice with a heavier stock, lined for printing. Apart from this, some printers also offer users for having trays more than once on the front, to allow convenience over paper choice and usage. So, it’s better to check through the tray’s paper holding capacity before.

Color claims, resolution, and speed overprints- The printers of the modern world are ISO certified, the standard based on which the procedures for testing it is done. Some specifications checked as per ISO standards include the pages per minute (black-and-white and color), dots per inch (ink dots applied by the printer to the square inch of the paper, and creating high resolution and detailed prints).

Duplexing- It is the ability of a printer to print on both ends of paper is to be checked as even though most of the printers today allow by re-feeding the paper manually into the printer, to print on both ends, but doesn’t it seem like trouble?

Page yield or price per page- Manufacturers print page yield for the printers. Check it before buying one.

Network capabilities- Even though modern-aged printers offer connectivity with USB ports, ethernet, wi-fi, wi-fi direct, near field communication (in few models), it is still better to check beforehand, whether what you need is available therein.

Apart from all the points as mentioned earlier to cover, check out for duty cycle, supply costs, memory card slots, cloud connectivity, PictBridge, paper handling capacity, and alike features, which get updated in the printers from time to time. Being aware of such details saves from future issues. So, know before you invest.